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Event name 22th Bucheon International Comics Festival
Period Aug. 14 (Wed), 2019 ~ Aug. 18 (Sun), 2019 / for 5 days
Location Korean Manhwa Museum, Bucheon Visual Ctrture Compex, etc
Theme Manhwa, Connection
Sponsor Korea Manhwa Contents Agency
Arrangement Operating Committee of Bucheon International Comics Festival
Support Ministry of Ctrture, Sports and Tourism, Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon city, etc



Expansion of relations with Bucheon citizens
(associated with civic organizations and art communities)


'Establishment of the system for
‘sustainable development’ (associated with Local businesses)

Manhwa (webtoon)

Concentration on the value of Manhwa/webtoon
(Focusing on Buchen Manwha Awards - winning works)


Enjoyable events
(practices of donation for communication with audiences)


Establishment of identity of the
22nd event and expansion of continuity

Theme of the 22nd festival

Connected by Comics

It implies that Manhwa connects generations, fans and authors, dream and reality, past and future, and south and north.It also represents that Korean ctrture is connecting with the whole world beyond religion, gender, nationality, and generation through a Manwha.

Major programs

Exhibition and conference zone

Exhibition : Hall I & II

Performance : Animation OST

Event : conference, signing event

Event zone

Event : A-Ramen-package Manhwa Contest, Nanum Caricature, Nanum Manhwa store

Experience : Horror experience hall, making BICOF big picture all together, ice experience to defeat hot weather

Others : The Night of Cartoonists

Market zone

Manhwa Market Hall : around 80 booths of market hall/companies·authors at approximately 1,200 ㎡ place

Outdoor booth : around 15 booths of companies

Food zone

15 food trucks / BICOF busking

Outdoor stage

Performance : opening ceremony, costume play contest, Ani-song contest


Official poster of 22nd Bucheon International Manhwa Festival

The official poster of 22nd Bucheon International Manhwa Festival is the art poster made by Gyu-Seok, Choi, who won the first prize in the last year. He expressed the theme of this year, ‘Manhwa, Connection.’ By using main characters of his award-winning work, ‘songgot (the drill)’ Every character in this work put arms around each other, which represent that they overcome all the hardships through strong bonds and connect each other. Although ‘songgot (the drill)’ was published in black and white, the poster was painted by bluish green, indicating ebtrlient, open, and innovative image, to show a lively festival.

Bucheon International Manhwa Festival is a Comics-specialized festival and representative festival to give publicity to Korean Manhwa and enjoy the ctrture in association with citizens, authors, and companies. In this sense, the poster describes the implication of this festival, indicating that everyone including authors, readers, companies, and manias communicate each other, even though they stand in different positions, and demonstrating active communication and infinite developmental potential.


Representative Punk Band of Korea


Members : Yun-Sik, Park (vocal, guitar), Sang-Myun, Lee, Gyeong-Rok, Han (Base), Sang-Hyeok, Lee (Drum), In-Soo, Kim (accordion, keyboard)

Debut : Regtrar Album ‘Crying Nut’ in 1998

Flagship songs : 'Run the Horse', 'Deep in the Night,’ etc

Award : Band Award in 28th Hi-One Seotr Music Awards (2019)
The Indie Band of the Year in MNET Music Awards (2001)
Best Korean Musician selected by Asia MTV (2000)

Career : Ambassador of WE START (2010)
Ambassador of World Tuberctrosis Day (2007)