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The logo and emblem of Gyeonggi International Costume Festival represent mask and freedom of costume players, important factors of costume play

  • KOR Left-right combination logo

  • KOR Up-down combination logo

  • ENG Left-right combination logo

  • ENG Up-down combination logo

  • KOR Emblem

  • ENG Emblem


  • Event Name
  • 3rd Gyeonggi Costume Play Festival
  • Event period
  • August 14th(Weds)~18th(Sun), 2019
  • Event location
  • Korea Manhwa Museum, the whole area of Bucheon Image Culture Complex
  • Main events
  • Gyeonggi Costume Play Championship, Park zone parade, GICOF x A-Sound Festival, Narrator Concert, “Yes, I’m an Otaku Star.”


3rd Gyeonggi International Costume Play Festival