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Manhwa Market, Bucheon International Manhwa Festival

Korea Manhwa Contents Agency will run [Manhwa Market Hall] to celebrate the 22nd Bucheon International Manhwa Festival
Manhwa market is the special event for contents sales, public relations, promotion, and networking for companies·organizations(institutions) and authors related to cartoon·character·animation for activation of Korea Manhwa industry.

Event synopsis

Event name : The Special Manhwa Market of 22nd Bucheon International Manhwa Festival

Purpose : promotion of companies and authors related to Manhwa·animation·game·character

Period : August 14th(Weds)~18th(Sun), 2019 / 11:00 ~ 20:00
※ The last day of the festival (August 18th, 2019) will be operated until 18:00

Location :
- Combined Market Hall : A parking lot, Image Cultural Complex, Bucheon
- Outdoor booth : An outdoor parking lot, 1st floor, Woori-Won

Host : Korea Manhwa Contents Agency

Application period and selection method

Application period and selection method

Application period : June 3rd(Mon)~July 1st(Mon), 2019

Submission : submission through the director’s email address(

Application form

Required documents
- Entry form
- Hard copy of business license(applicable to companies and organizations)
- Image for production of the directory book (CI, product image, etc)

Selection : screening and booth arrangement
※ Selection method may be changed due to internal situations
※ It may be canceled depending on incompletion of application form and association with Manhwa Market Hall

Booth charge and payment

Payment deadline : until July 10th(Weds), 2019 (required)
※ Booth participation can be canceled due to unpaid bills

Payment account : To be announced
※ If you do an account transfer, please notify your company name


For more details about application and download of an application form, please refer to the website of Korea Manhwa Contents Agency(http:://

Event hall

Manhwa Market Booth

Category Booth type size rental fee
(per booth)
maximum booth provided installation quantity note
Combined Market Hall(Indoor) Basic booth 3m x 2m 330,000won 5ea 31ea Offer system booth
independent booth 6m x 6m 990,000won 1ea 3ea Only offer the space for installing an own booth
outdoor booth Basic booth 3m x 3m 165,000won 3ea 15ea
※ VAT included (Tax invoice issuance available)

Category Combined Market Hall(Indoor) outdoor booth
Booth type Basic booth independent booth Basic booth
size 3m x 2m 6m x 6m 3m x 3m
rental fee 330,000won 990,000won 165,000won
maximum booth provided 5ea 1ea 3ea
installation quantity 31ea 3ea 13ea
note Only offer the space for installing an own booth
※ VAT included (Tax invoice issuance available)

A measure of promotion of Manhwa Market Hall : present a “Love For Manhwa” gift card worth \2,000 for each paid ticket
※ Only available in Manhwa Market Hall and Content Agency Souvenir booth / present in the order of arrival

- A signboard with the company name : KOR/ENG company name and attachment of the assigned Booth number
- Floor treatment : installation of fine texture
- Information desk and chair : one chair for each company (1 information desk. 2 chairs)

- Introduction of company through the website, SNS, and newsletter
- Production and distribution of the directory book for promotion
- provide spaces in the museum for signing event, promotion, and so on (after pre-registration and negotiation)
※ signing event in a booth is prohibited (considering degree of congestion and safety)

Internal structure(indoor) of Manhwa Market Hall
- Manhwa-related companies : webtoon platforms, publishers, companies launching cultural products like character·game·animation
- Authors : individual or team cartoonists, amateurs
- School and organization : University department and club, Manhwa-related institute·association
- Organization : cultural organizations including National Council of Culture

booth arrangement

※ Booth location and quantity can be changed depending on the application scale

booth example

▲ System booth